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Cotton Lane Citrus Tours

Cotton Lane Citrus offers arranged school and larger group visit options. There is also a lot to do and see at the Ranch beyond the Citrus. Take a look at some of things to see and get in touch if you’d like to book a larger group visit today.

 Horse Viewing

There are 14 horses on the Ranch and you are allowed to visit and look at them in the stables or in the pastures. Please do not go in the pastures though when horses are present - enjoy them from the rail. 








While we take the utmost care to make sure you're picking is in a safe environment all visitors are advised they are picking at their own risk. If you are allergic to bees please take precautions to have any needed medicines with you as they do like citrus trees and flowers and you may encounter them.

Photography At The Ranch

We allow all private parties to take pictures at the ranch for their own use without restriction during normal business hours. Professional Photographers are also welcome to come and use our facilities for their pictures so long as they ask us in advance. There is no charge but we just want to know when they will be on the property and Professional Photographers may use the Ranch during all daylight hours.

Group Tour

Cotton Lane Citrus is happy to receive Groups (10 or more people) for private tours and picking at the Grove. Its especially fun for school groups who can learn about the trees and then take home a nice bag of fruit to eat at home.
If you are interested in doing this please call George or Paula at 623-556-1024 or 602-361-2248 to make arrangements.

Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak 

Everyone is encouraged to wear a Mask to Enter and Checkout. Thank you!

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